What is a Tinger Dog

A TINGER DOG is a reliable and fun utility task machine designed to get you out and over the ice, snow, marsh, woods and everywhere in between. TINGER DOG is a cost-effective alternative to the snowmobile aimed to meet the demands of ice fishermen, hunters, trappers, farmers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts and all those looking for a compact, highly versatile, all season all terrain utility machine.


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Snow Plow

Comfortable solution to clean your territory from snow. Easy and fast installation on Tinger dog.


Sleds made by HDPE plastic, 5mm thick. They are durable and light. Sleds are connected to Tinger dog with shock absorbing device and metal strapping. Sleds are equipped with rails at the bottom for stable ride and drift reduction.

Handlebar Bag

Made from water resistant Oxford 1680 fabric. Bag provides storage space and water protection for small items. Equipped with a transparent pocket window for the navigator and slot for 12DC socket.

Handlebar Mitts

Keep your hands protected from wind and cold with handlebar mitts. Made from water resistant Oxford 1680 fabric.

Swivel Seat & Sled

Sleds can be equipped with removable seats which easily fasten and adjust to the size of the rider. For a more comfort ride, the seat includes a turning mechanism, shelf for small items and a glass-holder.

Single Track Groomer

This stand-up groomer is designed to groom the single track narrow trails. It is made from 0.08 stainless steel and powder painted. Groomer is 20.47” / 52 cm wide, and may be extended to 34” / 86 cm with two removable side panels. Grooming was nevery as easy as now!

Outdoor Fun

Have fun with your children, pull winter snow tubes or skiers, walk the dog or just enjoy your journey travelling around!

Tinger Dog is a good addition to spend your free time the way you want!


Tinger Dog can be you best friend in hunting! There is now need anymore to drag on feet your prey out of the woods.

Tinger Dog can pull a moose, deer or elk easily with a weight up to 600 pounds!

Make your hunting adventure fun and easy!

Search and Rescue

Tinger Dog can assist in search & rescue missions. Search for lost people in the woods and fields and transport injured back to the safety in the toboggan sled.

Ice rescue – with surface pressure of as little of 0.4 PSI (Compact model), Tinger Dog can assist in pulling out and to safety anyone who broke under the ice.


Tinger Dog helps carry the equipment to distant locations in snow, such as generators, chain saws or any other necessary compact size equipment.

Tinger Dog is a great help to repair electric air lines after snowstorms or service communication tower which are located in the forest.

Singletrack Grooming or X-Ski

Tinger Dog is a little workhorse that can make fat bike trail grooming experience easy and fast!

Using our Tinger Dog specially designed snow trail grooming accessory allows to groom 20` or 27` trail with ease.

X-Ski grooming accessory allows to groom trails for cross-country skiers.


Tinger Dog will help you to collect fire wood and take care of local forest duties at the cottage.

Tasks become much easier with Tinger Dog!

Tinger Dog Pro Kit (with reverse)
Length 1470 mm – 1470 in
Width 600 mm – 23,6 in
Height 830 mm – 32,6 in
Height 830 mm – 32,6 in
Weight 136 kg – 300 lb
Towing capacity 500+ kg – 1100+ lb
Fuel consumption 3 ltr/h 0,8 gallons/h
Transmission – Comet 500 series CVT
Engine – disposition Front
Suspension – Trolley
Brake – Disk brake

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