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Image shown with optional tracks & Roof not included in the BA model


Engine Chery SQR – 3 Cylinder / V:812cm3 / 57HP
Max Speed – 26mph – 42km/h
Shipping Weight – 800kgs
Load Capacity – 500kgs
Length / Width / Height (mm) – 3100 x 1700 x 1280
Ground Clearance / incl.drive chains – 300/220mm
Towing Capacity – 1000kgs
Body – HDPE
Brakes – Hydraulic
Ground Pressure – 0,11kg/cm2
Fuel Capacity – 55 litres
Number of Passengers  – 2 person 
Cooling – Liquid cooled
Transmission – CVT
Steering – Ergonomic handle bar
Load on tow bar – 100kg


Excludes rubber tracks and fixed roof, these are optional extras


This ultimate go anywhere all terrain utility vehicle, is a serious all-terrain workhorse with a very large tray with removable sides.
Able to carry up to 500kg and tow up to 1,000kg.


3-cylinger fuel injected 57 horsepower liquid cooled motor
Commercial grade 3-speed transmission.
Drivers’ safety barrier.
Front bench seat with back rest
Large tray 1170L x 1500W x 250mm H
Hinged tray
Large Under tray storage
Electric Dash.
Bilge pump
12V outlets.
Tow bar
Double row drive chains
Drive lights
55-liter fuel tank
300mm ground clearance.
500kg capacity
1,000kg towing capacity.

Rubber tracks can be installed for extreme conditions.  

Seats 2
3cyl. 812cc 57hp Engine
Optional tracks (to fit over tyres)
1 Year Warranty

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The Tinger Armor Tray is an all 8×8 wheel drive, this is the ultimate go anywhere All-terrain Utility Vehicle, A serious All-Terrian Workhorse with a large tray with removable sides, able to carry tools and equipment as well as long pieces of equipment like poles, and ladders, the Armor tray will carry up to 500KG as well as a towing capacity of 1,000kg.  

Our vehicles are built tuff and robust, designed to carry heavy loads and transport you anywhere, being able to drive right up to your work site will save you time and money, no more having to track back and forth carrying heavy tools and equipment.

The Armor Tray is available in 2 models the BA basic and our ST ROPs APPROVED model both running our 3-cylinder fuel injected 57-horsepower motor connected to a 3 Speed commercial grade transmission, with high, low and reverse gears,  The Tray measures a whopping 1170mmL x 1500mmW x 250mmH and is hinged for easy access to a large storage area underneath the tray,  making it the largest payload in its class,  

Our Vehicles are becoming more in demand, as they are widely used across so many different industries for many different applications, and can easily be modified to accommodate your requirements, main purpose is transporting people, fuel and water, carrying replacement parts and servicing machinery, supporting drilling and mining,  general property maintenance, vegetation management, stock feed, search and rescue, hunting and fishing, a vehicle that can gain access to remotest locations, the possibilities are endless, our vehicle have no boundaries when it comes to going off road, our vehicles can handle the hardest of any of road conditions.

Our vehicles are fully amphibious which is very convenient for when we have all 4 seasons in one day. Snow, heavy mud, swampy conditions, steep rocky or hilly terrain, overgrown deep scrub land, flooded affected areas, sandy beaches, to flat open plans, our vehicle ticks all the boxes and will deliver, Rubber Tracks can be added for extra traction if one really wants to get serious.

The Armor Tray will manage up to 40-degrees gradient and navigate up to 30-degrees side slopes, also navigate and overcome any obstacles in its way.

Nothing will stop you from getting to your location on time and in comfort. with Safety always being number one with a Tinger ATV, Another great feature is our vehicles have a very minimal impact on the environment, as the load is spread evenly over all 8 wheels as well as a ground clearance of 300mm, ensuring minimal impact.

If you are searching for a serious workhorse, give us a call,  

Strength, Durability And Unmatch Quality In Every Componant


Energy-efficient and
reliable four-stroke engine


High-strength and steel reinforced tracks


Reliable and strong
double chains


Easy-to-use steering


comfortable and
safe ergonomic seats


Light and strong
HDPE body

Quality, Reliability and Service Australia Wide

Tinger have been manufacturing ATV Amphibious vehicles for over 22 years and have been exporting worldwide for the last 19 years.
Tinger’s advanced drive system has been designed to take on the harshest of off-road conditions, Tinger ATV are designed to travel over snow covered fields, ice tracks, sandy areas, muddy paddocks, harsh Bushland up and down steep hills, across Rocky terrain and when it comes to wet, swampy, flooded areas the units are fully amphibious. you can go from driving down a dirt road straight into a flooded wet area, without having to change a thing , if you need a reliable ATV workhorse that can operate in below 0 degrees to 40+ temperatures, look no further than a Tinger ATV.

We offer 2 models, to our customers the Tinger Armor ATV 8×8 All 8-wheel drive, and the Tinger Tracked2 ATV fully rubber tracked with easy ride suspension.
Both models are powered by the very reliable Chery 3-cylinder fuel injected 57 horsepower liquid cooled motor, connected to a commercial grade CVT Transmission with High, Low, and Reverse gears.

What others class as add on accessories we include in one low price
Both our models come standard with the following accessories.

  • Economics Front bucket seats with s/belts,
  • Powder coated steel Bull bar with electric winch,
  • Windshield and electric wiper,
  • Powder coated steel frame with hard top,
  • Tow bar, with ball.
  • Side Mirrors,
  • Electric Dashboard,
  • Bilge pump,
  • 9mm Full length under belly skid plate.
  • Back rest for rear seats,
  • 12V DC Outlet,
  • Choice of colour,
  • Double Row Drive Chain.
  • High and low beam, brake lights and Horn.

Both units can carry up to 500kg and able to tow up to 1,000kg,  the largest payload in its class.

With Tinger’s unique design for passenger ride and comfort gives our ATV a massive ground clearance of 330mm for the Track2 and 310mm for the Armor 8×8, combine all these elements into one package and go places no other 4×4 or standard ATVs would ever consider exploring. Giving you total control of your destination without having to change vehicles.

Tinger ATV are the most advanced ATV on the Market, and can easily be modified to best suit your requirements if its adding a spray tank or flat carry tray, installing a stretcher, towing a trailer or pulling a sled,  Whether you are working around the farm, out searching for a lost person, feeding stock, dealing with flooded areas, managing vegetation, spraying weeds, fighting fire, hunting and fishing, exploring our great land, patrolling beaches or snow fields, rescuing the injured, constructing or servicing remote out building, mining sites, surveying or prospecting for gold, mending fence lines, transporting staff or supplying goods to remote locations, maybe just out with the family having fun.

You can do all this and more with a Tinger ATV.
Our units come with a full 24- months unconditional warranty.
With 100s of YouTube Videos and 1,000s of units sold worldwide is why customers choose Tinger ATVs for their Reliability, Quality and Outstanding Performance.


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