This phrase is not only something to be proud of for all those who work in the factory, design and manufacture new models, control the quality and sell ready-assembled vehicles. This fact plays a decisive role for our customers when they have to choose an all-terrain vehicle.

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High quality of service and maintenance

TINGER all-terrain vehicles are manufactured with the use of high-tech and up-to-date equipment that provides the high quality of our vehicles and guarantees the high level of reliability during the service life.

Guarantee of long-term service life

Using the high-quality components and advanced production concepts at assembling process of TINGER all-terrain vehicles guarantees the high level of reliability and long-term service life of our vehicles in severe conditions of operation.

Original parts and modifications

One of the distinguishing characteristic of TINGER is using the original parts and wide range of accessories for modification of all-terrain vehicle.

Qualified personnel

Constantly developing modern technologies require continuous training of personnel and qualification upgrade. TINGER provides a high-quality professional education and training of its specialists to ensure the high level of production, service and maintenance.