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Excludes Optional Rubber Tracks & Light Bar


Excludes Optional Light Bar

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We offer 2 models the Tinger Armor 8×8 and the Tinger fully rubber tracked Track2.

Both models run the reliable and powerful Chery 3-cylinder fuel injected 57 horsepower liquid cooled motor, coupled to a commercial grade CVT Transmission with High, Low, and Reverse gears.
Both models are made from a 9mm HDPE sheet, which is heated then vacuum formed into its unique design.  

The internal steel frame is made from pressed steel then jig welded before being fully powder coating.
Each Tinger unit can carry up to 500kg and is able to tow up to 800kg,  the largest payload in its class.

With Tinger’s unique design suspension for passenger comfort and ride, gives our ATV a massive ground clearance of 330mm for the Track2 and 310mm for the Armor 8×8, allowing you to take control of your destination.
Whether you are working around the farm or planning to travel off the grid, searching for a lost person, managing vegetation, and spraying weeds, out for the weekend fishing and hunting, touring our great land and coasts,  constructing and servicing remote out building, managing mining, prospecting, surveying, transporting goods to remote locations or just having fun.


If your plans include traveling over snow, sand, mud, rocky terrain, water crossing, rugged Bushland, hills or crossing swamps.
You can Trust and rely on the reliable of Tinger ATV to take you and your passages there and back in style and comfort.   

With over 19 years of production and 1,000s of units sold worldwide,
That’s why we offer a full 24 months unconditional warranty on our range of products.

Strength, Durability And Unmatch Quality In Every Componant


Energy-efficient and
reliable four-stroke engine


High-strength and steel reinforced tracks


Reliable and strong
double chains


Easy-to-use steering


comfortable and
safe ergonomic seats


Light and strong
HDPE body

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